22 Successful Basketball Fundraising Ideas for Your Team

Be sure to offer food and beverages and tables for the parents to socialize. Setting up easy fundraisers for schools and having the carnival take place at the school ensures a great turnout. Favorite teachers can be invited to participate in fun and creative events including dunking booths, pretend “jail,” and potato sack races. Sell tickets at a main booth to collect the donations and have each event “charge” tickets. To add to your fundraising efforts, don’t forget to add silent auctions and big raffle ticket items that are clearly displayed.
If your PTA is tired of bake sales and lemonade stands, then crowdfunding might be the perfect option for your school. Schools are community-based organizations with families of various socioeconomic backgrounds. Since bidding is anonymous in a silent auction, people may feel more comfortable participating (whereas they might be put off by having to showcase their wealth at a live auction).
BFI offers gourmet popcorn fundraisers that allow groups to make up to 55% profit. Flavors range from the classic kettle corn and sea salt to creative combinations like jalapeno blue cheese and cake batter. One of our favorites for the fall is CW Home which features stainless kitchenware and home accessories, tasty goodies, personalized gifts, and signature Ultra-HeavyTM gift wrap.
Hosting a game day is one of the best ways to garner funds without spending too much. Crowdfunding is one of those valuable high school fundraising ideas that are a must for any money-raising initiative. An online crowdfunding campaign gets done on various platforms such as Livingtree and DonorsChoose. The fundraising management software allows you to monitor the progress, tell your school’s story, and get the whole community involved in the efforts.
Lollipops are easy to sell and at only $1 each you can sell a lot of lollipops. We think raffle baskets are a fantastic way to expand on the theme of love and raise money! Ask local businesses to donate items for a “community love” basket, or gather self care items for a self love themed basket.
A sponsorship is essentially a trade; your sponsor offers financial or in-kind support for your cause or project, and you offer them positive publicity in exchange. Crowdfunding is a viable option for organizations, groups, and individuals with compelling projects and causes to share. By giving up this expense for a couple months, you can put the money you save toward your cause. To make the challenge more interesting, ask your friends to participate and pledge their savings toward your cause. Host one class or host a bunch of courses depending on your schedule and how much you need to raise. Line up all the photos and have people vote on their favorite one by placing money beside the images they like.