When buying a computer system for easy entertainment, browsing the web, or completing demanding workloads, desktop PCs are still the popular choice over laptops. Should you wish to upgrade in the future, you can easily upgrade your computer components to either increase HDD/SSD storage for documents, boost rendering performance with a new graphics card or add more monitors for extra screen space. Choose from a range of monitors, peripherals, input devices, wireless options and more using our desktop computer configurators to build your personal computer setup to your exact requirements. There’s no limit to what you can do with a desktop PC!getintopc

Buying a desktop PC from PCSpecialist means we can do all the upgrades to your computer for you! Stay up-to-date with the latest components and new hardware for your desktop PC without the hassle of doing the upgrades yourself. Buy your new computer today using our Intel & AMD PC configurators.


If you are wanting an off-the-shelf PC solution without the hassle of choosing your components, you can view our range of prebuilt PCs – Available at a range of different prices and configurations.

Buying a prebuilt PC means you don’t have to wait for your computer to be custom built or tested. Every one of our prebuilt PCs have already been hand-built by our expert technicians and put through vigorous testing procedures to ensure your computer has unrivalled performance straight out of the box. Choose from our variety of prebuilt PCs ranging from Home and Office to extreme overclocked gaming systems.


If space is an issue, you can alternatively choose from our wide range of All in One PCs & Mini PCs for compact computers that take up less desk space at home or in the office.

All in One PCs are the perfect solution for anyone wanting a ‘monitor only’ setup as the desktop computer is built into the back of the display. Maximise your desk space with less wiring for a clutter-free environment when browsing, watching videos or working. Get all the performance you need from a Tower PC in our All-in-one PCs with half the hardware.

Mini PCs on the other hand could be the solution you need if you require increased computing performance but don’t have space for a full sized Desktop PC. Our Mini PC configurators have a variety of cases and components available to ensure the Mini PC you create is customised to meet your exact requirements.


We have carefully selected workstation computers specifically for specialist programs & Industries, so you can boost your computer’s processing and graphic performance to create, render and load without any limits. We understand how extensive performance-affecting workloads such as CAD, video rendering and virtual simulations can massively increase the performance demand on your desktop computer’s processor and graphics card. Our workstation computer configurators are tailored to help you customise your desktop PC to whatever your work requires. See our wide range of workstation computers built for intensive workloads.


Each Desktop PC has been hand-built by our expert technicians and undergo a vigorous testing procedure to ensure that every competitive system has unrivalled performances in the latest games, straight out of the box.

We are very confident that we have the industry’s best expert technicians. All our computers go under thorough testing to make sure they are ready to go upon delivery! This lowers our return rates and allows our customers to enjoy their desktop PC!


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Originally paired with a monochrome monitor (basically a cheap black-and-white TV set) and a standard cassette deck, the TRS-80 was nicknamed the Trash-80 by fans of the Apple II and Commodore PET. But it was affordable and widely available in the US from the omnipresent RadioShack stores, leading to a healthy software development scene. Text-based adventures flourished, including Zork and the first titles from genre legend Scott Adams.

Who is best computer or PC?

Particularly if you’re a gamer or professional in need of a powerful PC, you can’t go wrong with a desktop computer. If you need portability, have a limited amount of space, and don’t mind the extra cost, a laptop is the better choice.