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This study was funded by Peel Medical Research Trust in London. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the funding body. We would like to thank Rosemary Greenwood for her statistical advice and analysis, Jonathan Rogers for his help with data entry, the staff and volunteers at the One25 project, and the women who participated. Less than half of the women (46% [33/71]) had been screened for sexually transmitted infection in the previous year and 18% had never been screened. A third of the women (25 [35%]) had attended the STI clinic in the prev-ious 12 months. In those who had ever been screened, half of those checks (53% [31/58]) were in an STI clinic, with GPs and prisons together screening a further third (32% [19/58]).
’ was a closed question, but ‘what things would make it easier for you to go to a GP? ’ was an open question for which all responses were recorded longhand and coded at the end of the study. Women were paid £20 each for childcare and travelling expenses, and the interviews lasted 1 hour and took place in premises near their place of work. Coding was carried out after questionnaire completion to ensure inclusion of all possible responses. Ethical approval was obtained from the United Bristol Healthcare Trust Research Ethics Committee. The aim of this study is to describe the current use of health services by street-based sex workers, and to explore their perception of barriers to care and ways in which their health care could be improved.